Automation: Invoices, DND, and Triggers

Rany Aing / June 14, 2022

* Wait for Overdue for Invoicing

  • Will wait until the Invoice’s Due Date.
  • Works the same as the Appointment wait with Before and After
  • Will not work if there is no Invoice trigger

* A Revamp of the trigger list section. Better categorization of triggers according to the behavior


* DND Phase 2

  • DND in If/Else condition for specific channels

* UI fixes related to DND

* In the If/Else Conditions, Treat empty Numeric/Monetary values as 0


* Tags were not getting added correctly when using the Zapier Add to Campaign action. Issue fixed.

* Trigger operator filter operator issue. When a trigger filter was modified, the operator was not being cleared out, which resulted in filter mismatch for certain custom field filters like checkboxes.

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