Automations: Triggers and Templates

Rany Aing / April 7, 2022


*Note the description in the if/else condition. (You need to have a Note related trigger for this to work)

* Now you can filter based on note description in the if/else — works with note added and note changed trigger.


* Make subject line optional in case of old templates (plain text & HTML based) — In email action of workflow

* We had the subject line optional in case of Templates from new Email Builder.

* Now we support old text templates and HTML templates too.

* In case if the email subject (in workflow) is left empty, the subject line will be pulled in from the Email Template

* Add hash tag filter in case of custom date reminder trigger (workflows)

* New approach to fetch tags for Add/Remove contact tag trigger — For now in add/remove contact tag. We will iteratively build on top of this to switch all other places. Should help in solving issues with workflows having tons of tags

* Better naming for schedule-yes and schedule-no intent-matching — Workflow History will now show proper labels for intent detection.


* Consider forwarding from number while checking number pool in incoming call trigger.

* Solves issues where the forwarding number is not part of the number pool and trigger doesn’t get fired for the filter in number pool

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