Coupon Codes for Order Forms Now Live

Rany Aing / November 1, 2022

(Version 2 Funnels only)

Increase conversion by using coupon codes in 1-step and 2-step order forms

  • Offer exciting discounts for one-time products by creating coupon codes
  • Available inside Payments -> Coupons
  • Offer percentage discounts or fixed amount discounts
  • Ability to auto-generate coupon codes
  • Limit the maximum number of coupon redemptions to offer discounts within fixed budget
  • Ability to create universal or product specific coupon codes, which can be applied on specific products
  • Ability to not display coupon code option in specific order forms, simply turn the toggle off for specific order forms
  • Keep a track of successful redemptions directly from the list view.
  • Filter orders in which the specific coupon code was applied using View History action
  • Coupon application and discount offered details available in specific order details


  • Coupons can only be applied to one-time products/prices. Coupons for subscriptions will be coming soon
  • Any order form for which an active coupon code exists in active state, will start showing “Apply Coupon” text box without any additional step
  • Turn off the toggle to hide the application text for any specific order form

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