Social Planner – Approval Flow and Custom Variables

Rany Aing / January 13, 2023

🎉 Social Planner Enhancements: Approval Flow and Custom Variables

Approval Flow

Approval Flow allows users to easily review, approve, and schedule content for their social media accounts. Approval Flow works for both regular posts and CSV uploads!

How does Approval Flow work?
  • Create a new post
  • Click the V arrow in the “Post” button
  • Select the Date & Time to schedule the post and choose the name of the User who needs to approve the post from the “Select An Approver” dropdown
  • The approver will get notified via Email that a post needs their approval
  • The approver can approve, reject, reject with a comment, as well as make changes to the post
Approval Options in Approval Flow
  1. Approve – Post will get scheduled in Social Calendar
  2. Reject – Post will get rejected and moved to the Failed Tab where it will show whatever comment was left when the approver rejected the post
How to customize the Email notification template for Approval Flow
  • Go to Social Planner Settings > Notification
  • Choose an Email Template to sent to approvers
  • Email templates can be edited in Marketing > Email > Templates

Custom Variables

Custom Values can now be used in post copy! Simply select a Custom Value from the dropdown and it will be dynamically replaced with whatever is set for that value when the post is published. Custom Values can be created and edited in Settings > Custom Values.

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