TikTok (Personal) and Group Hashtags in Social Planner

Rany Aing
Dec 13, 2022



Social Planner Updates

  • TikTok – Personal Profile
  • Group Hashtags

How does TikTok posting work?

  1. Connect your TikTok personal account
  2. Create and Schedule videos
  3. The Tiktok app will receive an inbox notification on the scheduled day.
  4. Once approved, the post will go out

Group Hashtags

Creating group hashtags allows users to create 30-200 hashtags rather than manually add them every time in the post.

How to create Group Hashtags?

  1. Click on the Hash “#” icon in the post composer
  2. Add the name of the group hashtags in enter namespace
  3. Add hashtags as words and hit enter, it will create small tags
  4. Choose the number of hashtags that can be appended to each post.
  5. Click save and apply

Help Articles

  1. How to connect Tiktok personal account
  2. Group Hashtags
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