Small Business CRM

Get leads & close deals on autopilot.

Don’t lose business to poor follow-through. From prospecting to repeat business, house your leads and customers in one tidy place.
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Get more eyes on your business with mass texting & messaging.

Start more conversations with leads and communicate better with customers. Send and respond to texts and messages at scale. Organize your conversations in once central place for your whole team to access.

Nurture new leads & build relationships at scale.

Track new leads with automated pipelines that take your leads from inquiry to booked. Auto-receive forms, get notified of new meeting requests, and respond to queries even after you’ve gone home for the day.

Manage and build relationships from a central database... with built-in reminders so you never forget to follow up.


Get paid on time. Every time.

Build trust with customers through safe, fast & streamlined checkout. Ditch the checks and long processing time. Send and receive credit card payments online.
It’s the digital rolodex that keeps your sales team in synch.
Get rid of spreadsheets for good. View your entire sales pipeline from one powerful and simplified dashboard. Automate your sales process. Close more deals.
Mass Texting

Alert your current customers & prospects to events, changes, and updates. Send SMS messages en masse.

Smart lists

Organize contacts and create tags that track your leads so you never forget to follow up on a conversation.


Build mobile-friendly forms that convert visitors into leads. Add them to any page of your site.

Mass messaging

Prospect more efficiently. Find and auto-message prospects on Facebook and across social media.

Custom pipelines

Set and forget automated workflows that capture lead forms, redirect them to your calendar & trigger follow-up reminders.

Meeting scheduls

Integrate your Google, Outlook, or Microsoft calendars so your contacts can easily book time with your sales team.

Web Chat

Automatically answer questions and nurture your leads with automated webchats, accessible to your site visitors 24/7.


Send branded invoices to customers. Track and manage payments and set email reminders so you get paid on time.

Sales Processing

Make it easy to make a payment online with Stripe integration for seamless credit card checkout.


Keep your customers coming back. Send customized surveys requesting feedback and more. Manage results in one place.

Conversation inbox

Your teams’ entire rolodex in one digital space. Track every conversation, listen to recordings & send follow-ups.

Opportunity tracking

Track your leads and bookings, and manage your daily, monthly, and annual revenue to keep your team on track.

Making small businesses smile since 2009.
  • “If you ask me what they do... I don't even know. I just know when we need online help, WP Propulsion is our go-to. They help our business run more efficiently.”
    John Bowdich
    John Bowdich
    Owner, Bowdich Law
  • “People tell you you need so many experts today. You need a marketing person, a copywriter, an SEO expert. WP Propulsion gets all of that and more.”
    Maria Barber
    Maria Barber
    Owner, Infinity Fine Homes
  • “The work they’ve done for us has been a game changer. It's brought the company so much revenue.”
    John DeBlaio
    John DeBlaio
    Redline Advantage
  • “WP Propulsion delivers what they say they’re going to. That's increasingly important, and perhaps not as common as it used to be. So I value that greatly.”
    Lee Heinrich
    Lee Heinrich
    Owner, WriteWay Publishing
  • “It feels like a partnership. WP Propulsion is part of my business, and I'm part of theirs. I've never had that with any other outside help I’ve hired.”
    Dr. Kevin C. Snyder
    Dr. Kevin C. Snyder
    Coach & Speaker,

Real solutions for real small businesses.

WP Propulsion is packed with over 27 tools designed to help small businesses market & sell online.

With a fully managed, always-on tech and marketing support team at your disposal, you never have to go it alone.

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