If Else New Features

Kaili Wardlaw
Jan 04, 2024

2 Min Read


What is If Else?

If/Else lets you build advanced workflows to perform different actions based on different conditions. If/Else uses conditional logic: if A happens in your trigger app, then do X. If B happens, then do Y, and so on.

New Features

1. Duplicate branch

  • Save time and effort by effortlessly copying existing branches. No need to rebuild from scratch. Click the three dots menu on a branch and choose “Duplicate Branch.”
  • The copied branch will appear below the original with “(copy)” added to its name. You can rename it as needed.

2. Reorder any branch

  • Organise your workflow visually by dragging and dropping branches.
  • Click the “Reorder Branches” icon to reorder the branches.
  • ​​You can’t reorder the “None” branch, but you can easily move all other branches.

3. Rename None branch

  • You can now name the “None” branch for better organisation.
  • Just click on the branch name and type in your desired name.
  • Make sure to enter a Branch Name as it can’t be left empty.
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